About Us

We are a home grown, family haulage company dedicated to service

O'Dwyer Transport, a family run business established in 1985. Based in the center of Ireland on the main commuter route between Dublin and Cork, from a strategic perspective we are perfectly situated to carry out logistical operations throughout the 32 counties of Ireland.

Our success has grown through our commitment to customer focus, understanding, and the provisioning of tailor made competitive solutions that are driven by our customers.

Given todays rapidly changing market place, the service level required and the expectations of our clients, there is an ever present need for solid communication, understanding and flexibility. These three areas in particular form the foundation of our core operating principles at ODT.

On that basis we believe that ODT can offer you a superior quality of service that is customised to meet your needs, and at the same time prove to be financially attractive.

In addition to our transport operation we provide a secure warehousing and storage facility with a capcity in excess of 2,500 pallets.


We deliver

results, as well as the normal stuff

Going that extra mile is standard practice at ODT and that is why can make our promise to you, a promise backed up by a dedicated and focused office support team, driver pool, and mechanical support. Dedicated to providing not only a quality service, but delivering positive results, we will explore every option to ensure your guaranteed satisfaction. And the reason the numbers don't all reach 100% - simple - there is ALWAYS room for improvement.

Our promise