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O' Dwyer Transport is a licensed haulage company with an array of tractor units, trailers, and rigid vehicles at its disposal. Strong communication, coupled with our expert knowledge, flexibility, and awareness ensures that we are in a position to choose the fit that will best serve our clients and any given situation. In order to maximise potential offering we have a number of options available to us. These include, but are not limited to: a fleet of Moffet Mounty vehicles and caged flatbed trailers with HIAB capability. The vast majority of our trailer fleet have the ability to transport to site a Moffet Mounty providing maximum operational flexibility on or off road. With a significant range of Moffet Mounties to hand, of varying sizes and lift capabilities we ensure that the highest level of flexibilty is secured and maintained.

Fully equipped maintenance facilities at our headquarters in Littleton, and round the clock mobile emergency units provide mechanical support throughout our entire fleet operation. A team of qualified specialists in their own field keep our fleet on the road allowing us to keep our promise to you.

All vehicles in the fleet are fitted with satellite tracking, providing peace of mind and security for our drivers, the loads we are responsible for, and our clients. 

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In addition to the 'usual suspects' the ODT fleet is complimented by a number of Moffat Mounties. These all terrain, on vehicle forklift units provide an enormous degree of flexibility to us and our clients. With these on board our drivers are completely autonomous and very well equiped to deal with any situation regardless of the conditions.

Moffat mounties